Social Media Content Creator and Manager

Siloam Springs, AR

We are looking for someone who values kindness, gratitude, and empathy and is committed to making those foundational for excellent customer experiences.  It would also be great if you like rad clothing, a collaborative work environment, and rather eclectic music selections.

Our HQ and production facility in Siloam Springs is in need of someone to join our Creative Team as our full-time Social Media Content Creator and Manager.  Quite literally, you will shoot photo and video on-site at our facility, as well as other special projects, and edit them for use on our social media platforms, as well as work with our Creative Team to keep the website looking fresh and clean.

Our ideal candidate for the position of Social Media Content Creator and Manager would ::

-Have a strong work ethic

-Be adaptable to a changing list of tasks and projects

-Have photography experience (shooting and editing)

-Have video-production experience (shooting and editing)

-Have a working knowledge of major social media platforms

-Have a working knowledge of the Shopify platform

-Be available Monday-Friday, 8:45am-5pm

-Be able to participate in a high-communication and collaborative production environment

When it comes down to it, content creation and distribution is what we are looking for!  You will also have the opportunity to build an in-house studio setup for product and model photography and be equipped with all the tools necessary to do this with excellence!

 This rad job also comes with a well-rounded benefits package from excellent PTO offerings, to IRA matching, to healthcare reimbursement, to a quarterly bonus structure, to other various health and wellness opportunities, so know that it’s more than just a paycheck that we offer!

We mentioned three things in the first line of this job description.  Do you remember what they were?  We want this to be your every-day in both co-worker and customer interactions ::

Kindness :: This must be genuine.  You can’t fake it, and we don’t expect you to!

Gratitude :: The customer came to us.  They shared their vision for a their project.  They gave us their money.  Without those things, TC doesn’t exist, and you don’t get the chance to show gratitude.  Every.  Single.  Time.

Empathy :: The customer’s project matters.  Why?  Because we believe that the person or people involved matter.  Are they excited when they come in?  Meet that excitement with enthusiasm.  They had a bad experience with a previous printer?  You understand… you’ve had bad customer experiences too, but not at TC.  

It is a privilege for each of us to work at TC each day.  We are grateful that we get to do business in Northwest Arkansas in the middle of one of the friendliest communities around.  We design custom clothing for everything from classrooms to boardrooms to retail brands, and we do excellent work.  We want to add someone to the team who is equally enthusiastic about all these things.   We are growing rapidly, with plans to double the square footage of our production facility in the next 12 months, and everything we wrote above will matter just as much in the future as it does now.

Kindness, Gratitude, Empathy.

How to Apply: 

1 - Brush up that resume.  Sure, you can say whatever you want on it, and we will look through it, and I’m sure that portions of it will be helpful as we make a decision on who to hire, but know that resumes are a formality, albeit a necessary one.  We are most interested in hearing what makes you come alive, how you would bring that into this position at TC, and how we can help you get to where you want to go both personally and professionally.  You can make a really good and honest living, and dare we say it, a career, here at TC (and we sure hope you do), but we also care about you as a person and want to see you thrive.

2 - We are looking for someone who is available 8:45-5, Mon-Fri starting as soon as possible.

3 - It would go a long way if you knew something about our company, and the best way to get the feel for who we are and what we do would be to check our our Instagram and Facebook feeds, as well as talk to someone that is actively employed at TC.  Please do not show up to an interview with zero knowledge of TC just looking for a job… but I’m sure the job description above communicated the importance of that :)

4 - Send us your portfolio, with examples of your photo and video work, as well as any examples you can send that would demonstrate a good understanding of the Shopify platform.  

Send everything to and we can go from there!