We started TC in Costa Mesa, California in a 10x15 single car garage in 2010.
What started as a side-gig, advertising our services through craigslist, has grown into one of the largest capacity and service-diverse custom merchandise companies in NW Arkansas. You read that right, from California to Arkansas... which we realize causes some folks to raise an eyebrow, until we tell them how that happened.
We started the company in the middle of the "velcro belt", with major players in the surf and skate industry all located within walking distance of our small warehouse. A couple years into meeting rad people, and working on great projects year-round, we were approached about opening up a location back in our hometown area of NW Arkansas, which we did, and then shortly after that, we were bought out in California.
With the complication of running a business in two very distant states out of the
way, we focused in on building something special in NW Arkansas. We operate a production facility in Siloam Springs with a team of amazing artists, creators, customer care gurus, and logistics phenoms who make epic merchandise for clothing lines, businesses, organizations, and events around the country. We also have a showroom office in Bentonville, Arkansas to serve our clientele in that area.

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