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NICA's updated On-the-Bike 101 Field Guide is available for purchase by any currently-licensed Level 2 or 3 coach - OR - anyone who has completed NICA's On-the-Bike 101 in-person skills training.

The new guide features revised language and images, updated descriptions of the ABCDE bike check and NICA method of instruction, clear and concise teaching points, and goals for each skill demonstration.

Replacing your previous field guide is OPTIONAL.

Orders are limited to ONE guide per person, only available for current Level 2 & 3 coaches OR coaches who have completed NICA's OTB 101 in-person training. Other orders will not be fulfilled and payment will be returned. We appreciate your understanding.

Questions? Please reach out via the Coach Help Desk at

Orders will be taken through July 31st and shipped August 1st.

NOTE: These field guides are intended for use by licensed NICA coaches, in the context of NICA practices and activities. Use outside of these contexts is not permitted.