PDL Shirt Club Subscription
$ 14.00

Bikes.  Shirts.  Rad. 

At the PDL Shirt Club, we believe that life is best lived on two wheels, and we won't apologize for that.  Seriously, stop asking, it's annoying.  Your monthly shirt subscription will be built around the culture of cycling, and cycling advocacy.... it's not about which pedals are better, or what position is more aero, or whether steel is more "real" than other materials... It's about our common obsession with these people-moving, adventure-inducing, N+1 habit-forming objects that we believe can truly change lives.  What's even better?  $1 from every subscription, every month, goes into the PDL Fund which will support cycling infrastructure and advocacy projects nation-wide!

**When you sign up today, you will be charged $14 (+tax/ship) and will receive the exclusive PDL Shirt Club Member Shirt (Blue Shirt, Navy Print, SUPER RAD, and other assorted rad PDL swag!**

***On the first day of the next month, you will automatically be charged for the subscription shirt for that month and your shipment for that month's shirt will go out within a couple days!***

****Pre-Pay and Gift Subscriptions Available****

4 Shipments = Official Member Shirt + 3 Monthly Tees

7 Shipments = Official Member Shirt + 6 Monthly Tees

13 Shipments = Official Member Shirt + 12 Monthly Tees